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At Orchèl Bakery and Boutique we truly believe that the recipe for making the best pastries lies in 3 main ingredients: culinary know-how, creative minds and lots of love.

You spend time and money celebrating key moments with the ones you love and we can work our magic to make this celebration even more special and festive. What's a celebration without something delicious? Our mission is to delight your palate and provide you joy, to you, your friends and family.

Orchèl Bakery and Boutique, an invitation to treat yourself and the ones you love!

Josianne Grenier, Orchèl TeamJosianne Grenier, Customer Service
Josianne Grenier has more than 20 years of relevant experience in communications and public relations. She is recognized for her diligence, listening skills, unparalleled customer service and ability to propose solutions tailored to the client’s needs and expectations on time.

What defines her? Her passion for customer service and an unstoppable drive to provide her customers a high-quality service and memorable experience.

Suggestions or questions to Josianne
Please send your email to orchelbakery@gmail.com